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Wage theft has reached epidemic proportions in the American workforce. Studies have shown that wage theft costs U.S. workers billions of dollars each year in overtime pay and straight-time wages. Low wage earners are particularly vulnerable to wage theft.



The following are some of the most common ways companies cheat employees out of their lawful wages:

Paying “straight-time” instead of time-and-one half for overtime hours

“Rolling” overtime hours from one week to another week to avoid paying overtime

Giving employees “time off” instead of paying overtime pay

Falsifying time records to reduce hours worked
Deducting for lunch breaks not taken
Deducting for lunch breaks which were interrupted by work duties
Deducting for coffee or smoke breaks of less than 30 minutes
Clocking employees out and making them continue working
Making employees perform pre-shift work before clocking in

More Types of Wage Theft

When wage theft occurs, employees can struggle to pay their rent, car payments, and even put food on the table for their families.
Requiring employees to perform work at home while off the clock

Failing to pay for compensable travel time

Stealing tip wages

Miscalculating overtime pay by excluding all earnings (bonuses, etc.) in the regular rate

Misclassifying employees as overtime exempt “managers”

Misclassifying employees as overtime exempt “administrative employees”

Failing to pay employees for time spent putting on and taking off protective clothing

Making deductions for cash shortages, casualty losses, or drive-offs

Tipped employee violations

Misclassifying employees as overtime exempt “independent contractors”

Misclassifying employees as overtime exempt “salespersons”

Refusing to pay the wages promised to the employee when hired

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